Turn the page, please? It’s time.


“Eras have ended. New ones have begun. One continues as we wait on the next one.”

The world is changing. Not just on the political, social or the climate front. But the world I interact with regularly too. The people around me, who were living similar lives as me – are making some tough choices, taking some giant leaps of faith – essentially to sketch out the next phase of their lives.

It’s a frightening time, to say the least. Life as I know it is about to change, yet again. We are all growing up again.”Adulting,” this time.

What does the future have in store for us all? How are things going to change? Will we make it to where we want to be? Will we remember the times we have had as we move on?

This feeling isn’t new, to be honest. There is a recurring pattern every five years or so. Since I gained some consciousness, I transitioned from a school kid to living by myself in college to a new graduate at work. And I had the same nerve wrecking, sinking feeling – as I packed my bags and put my things together. Each time.

Although this time the changes feel much more real.

Some of us will move cities, some will tie the knot, some will set up their own shops, some will run off to study more, some will find their dream jobs, some will settle down while some will wander.

We’ll all be looking for one thing in common though – a purpose. We might try and look for it in different ways but we will be doing exactly that it this next phase of our lives. And probably that’s the reason it feels so absolute this time.

All these past years as we grew up and transformed into what we are today, we were giving ourselves some time to take responsibility for own actions. I personally wasn’t owning up to any of it entirely.

That’s going to change now. We are about to be the “masters of our own fate” (as corny as it sounds). It’s time.

But am I ready to face the consequences? Probably not. And might never be. But I have to hold the baton of my own life and run now. Go for it as fast as I can, with every ounce of energy in my body. And hope I will eventually make it to the finish line as a winner. A winner of my own destiny.

As confusing, frustrating, mind numbing – this next phase might be – we have to embrace it with all our hearts. Because somewhere in the midst of this maze, we might be able find our passion. We might be able to find that one thing that sets us apart. Probably our soul mate or a partner to live out the rest of our lives with even. We might be able to find our way back home to our loved ones again. And who knows, we might find ourselves too.

Of course, this is all hope. But that’s all we have got. A pinch of faith in ourselves and a heart full of hopes and dreams for our future as we unravel through the mystery of our life. Bit by bit, time after time.


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