Hello! Welcome to my mind.

So I have found this new way of channeling these thoughts I have – WordPress & blogging in general, have been around for a while but I just never tried it before. So here it goes. 

I don’t live a very exciting life (yes, social media lies). But I have started to believe that ordinary can be magical sometimes. It just depends on the eyes you decide to look out through. And this is my attempt at doing exactly that. 

This blog will be all about my train of thoughts (side note: isn’t it extraordinary that writing can open up your mind for the world to read? More on this later, maybe.) about several topics ranging from anything and everything that have ever interested me. And since I would like to think that I am not really weird or crazy, most of these topics would appeal to the crowd of my always-in-a-dilemma generation. Moreover, most of these ideas are picked up from actual conversations I have had with friends, family (even foes.) 

I hope to make this interesting and would love to hear all comments/opinions. 

Okay enough said. Read on.

Much love. 


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